Lubrico Warranty

Finance West endorses Lubrico Warranty.  Lubrico is a Canadian company who has been providing aftermarket automotive warranties in Canada since 1977 and was the first company to do so in the country.

Lubrico has been an approved warranty provider on our FW Drive Automotive Finance Program since 2009 and over this period they have proven themselves to be an industry leader in product offerings and covering warranty claims for clients on our program.

As Lubrico offers warranties on any make, model and mileage of vehicle at competitive prices they have an approved warranty available for any deal on our finance program.  As a finance company the knowledge legitimate claims will be handled in a professional and timely manner allows us to confidently finance their warranties as part of an FW Drive finance deal.

Finance West Inc. and Lubrico Warranty Inc. have no direct business affiliation and there is no financial compensation of any kind between Finance West Inc. and Lubrico, our acknowledgement of Lubrico is based solely on our experience as a finance company and the feedback we have received from clients.

Lubrico Warranty can be reached:

Lubrico Warranty Inc.
2124 Jetstream Road
London, ON  N5V 3P5

Phone: 1.800.668.3331
866.618.4153 - Toll Free - Email - Website

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