Costen Insurance
Finance West has chosen to recommend Costen & Associates Insurance as an option to assist clients with their vehicle insurance requirements.  Costen & Associates is a family owned Calgary based business serving Albertans insurance needs since 1987.  As a broker they have access to 6 major insurance companies considered industry leaders and additionally have access to numerous specialty insurance companies.

We have worked with Nivi Uppal since 2017 and have found him to be highly ethical and extremely knowledgeable bringing 15 years of experience from the automotive and finance industry.  He is available virtually 24 hours a day 365 days a year and this dedication to the quality of service he provides fits perfectly with our philosophy of helping our clients.

Finance West and Costen have no business affiliation and there is no financial compensation of any kind between Finance West and Costen, our recommendation is solely based on our experience and the feedback we have received from clients who have used Nivi’s services.

Nivi Uppal
Insurance Broker / Costen Insurance
1990 Kensington Road NW
Calgary, AB  T2N 3R5

403.389.2489 – Cell – Email – Website


Finance West in no way whatsoever guarantees working with Costen & Associates will automatically result in the availability of an insurance policy.  The advice and information provided by Costen is individual to each client and those conversations and information are private and confidential and do not represent Finance West


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